Worst Video Game Gun Controllers


A great marksman these light guns do not make! For this list, we’re looking at the most infamous video game gun controllers to ever be sold to the public. Our countdown includes the likes of “The Menacer”, The Konami Justifer”, “The StarFire LightBlaster”, and more. What do YOU think is the worst light gun ever released? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Toon Kid 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    NOTE: This is just my thoughts on controller "looks", please don't view this as a personal attack.
    Now if you believe a controller looks stupid that's fine, it's your opinion. Howeve, what annoys me is that how it looks is used as a reason for why its bad. It bothers me because it's similar to judging a book by its cover (in some sense) and an overall improper way to review a controller. How a controller should be review is to observe whether or not if it functions correctly, takes up less space, can be used by anyone regardless of size, does it drain battery fast, etc.

  2. Thomas Jensen 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    I have 16 wii rifles, 10 wii SMGs and 20 wii handguns. I sometimes use one of the side by side wii rifles and the ps2 re4 chainsaw on pc to play Doom 2. Loads of fun.

  3. Ulysses Brown 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    when arcades went down the tank so did guns with it. plain and simple a gun for gaming now a days just can't work for so many reasons.

  4. midwestyle 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    I enjoy the rail shooters that exist for the PSVR and am quite fond of my aim controller for it. Especially in games like Farpoint and Firewall Zero Hour.

  5. Sharkopath2 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    Here's another upside: anyone who kept these items have a potential collector's item. I have both RE wii gun sets and i found a guy willing to buy both sets for at least $75 each (I bought both at $20 each). Too bad i had to turn him down due to my sister destroying the knife that came with the 2nd set 😥.

  6. shin0bi 272 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    whatever re-re came up with the wii-zapper should be shot with an actual gun. Because they've never actually shot a real gun in their entire lives and it obvious because theres no shoulder stock so you have to hold your arms up an aim at the screen and your arms get tired in minutes. Its just such a let down for the console that popularized the idea of flailing at your TV like a dipshit in order to make the games seem more realistic. You had the perfect opportunity to bring light guns back to the main stream and shoved your head so far up your ass you could tell what you had for breakfast.

  7. Super Mario Jesus 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    What’s the point of adding the Wii zapper on the list
    It’s not even a controller
    It’s a piece of plastic that you put on the Wiimote
    And not a light gun

  8. K27 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    no mention of that light gun for PS2 that came with the on rails resident evil shooter? Also, at least we have the Aim controller now for PSVR, and it's a great way to play a number of compatible games

  9. J H 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    7:05 I think the voice activated part is the worst part of that controller……. I think the fact you have to yell “FIRE!” would be the bigger problem!! People would start panicking thinking something was actually ON FIRE! Nowadays yelling fire can get you in trouble for causing mayhem!! Especially somewhere with a lot of people around!! Lol

  10. J H 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    Did he just pronounce SNES like it’s a word??? Me and everyone I know pronounced it by the letters S.N.E.S. Did anyone else pronounce it like that?

  11. Thomas Jensen 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    The most awesome gun shaped plastic pieces for wiimotes and nunchucks were from 3rd party OEMs. I still have around 16 wii rifle shells and 16 wii gun shells. Each have cool and immersive aspects like ie pump action reload functionality

  12. Kenneth Kaylor 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    I still love light gun games. I have CRT's setup with retro consoles. One of the main reasons is to play light gun games. I have PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, Saturn, and OG Xbox light guns and games all ready to go. If you still love these games, you can get Free CRT's in Facebook Marketplace all the time. Just be patient for that awesome Sony that always comes up from time to time.

  13. Mikes Movie Reviews 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    You're missing a really good one the guncon 3 for the PlayStation 3. The guncon 2 didn't work with newer TVs. But the guncon 3 came with sensors that you put on top of your flat screen TV, and it worked very well as good as the arcade game. And it came with Time Crisis 4 which had the arcade version of the game.

  14. Theodore Relic 10 July, 2020 at 04:22 Reply

    Hmmm…just earlier today I found a boxed copy of Time Crisis 1 complete with the GunCon for $6.99 at a local thrift. And then this video appears today? Coincidence!

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