Shape Shifter 2 – Game Walkthrough (full)


Help this odd creature return back his normal state from the witch’s cures. See if you can solve various challenges in this platform-based puzzle and physics game called Shape Shifter 2. The main focus here is to control your character and reach the exit as safely as possible. Your character has the ability to change to other animals that will help you get past through various obstacles. There are no timers here so you can finish the level anytime you want. But you should still avoid certain obstacles that can hurt your character. Try to collect all the stars in each level for better rating.


Shape Shifter 2 is a casual and fun platform based puzzle game where you get to control a mouse, a bunny and an elephant all at once. One day an evil witch cast a spell on the 3 animals and put them in one single body and it is now up to you to help them find the witch and undo the spell that was cast on them. You need to traverse the variety of levels presented to you in the game and defeat the witch once and for all. But the task is not that easy to accomplish as the levels are full of obstacles like gaps, walls that are made of cheese and even bombs that could kill the cute animals instantly, and then there are those evil creatures that work for the witch and are intent of stopping you from completing your goals. not to worry too much though as the 3 cute animals have their very own individual abilities that you can use, the elephant is strong and can handle hot objects and break things, the bunny has the ability to jump very high and the little mouse is quite small, can pass through gaps and even eat walls of cheese. Don’t be too confident though as the game also feature some boss battles for you to survive, and if you don’t use the animals’ abilities wisely, your character will be killed for sure.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are certainly very simple, the game looks like a blackboard with drawings on it. It looks quite nice though and kinda unique. The characters designs are also kinda cool, and even though they look really flat, they still looked kinda nice and pretty. The environments are also great, the different levels presented in the game feature a variety of platform designs and obstacles giving you a fresh new look every time you start a new level. The colors are also very nice, and although there’s not that many color in the game, they really looked vibrant and sharp giving it a fresh clean look. The animations are very simple, nothing complicated here really but movements are generally nice and responsive all throughout the game. The music is also nice and the sound effects are generally good enough, nothing atmospheric or anything but still nice enough. The special effects are nice too, although it is generally very simple, transforming from one animal to another looked nice and fluid enough. Overall, It looks very simple really but the game designs are rather unique and the presentations are really cool making it quite attractive and cute.


The levels in the game are made up of different platform designs and as such you will be running and jumping from one point to another just to get to the other platform, you can use the cute animals’ abilities to help you out, the game also features some switches for you to activate and some stars to collect, and if you were able to get all the stars in the level before you get to the exit, you’ll be awarded with 3 stars for completing the level. Control is easy, you can use the WASD or the arrows to move the character and the numbers 1, 2 and 3 to transform to a different animal.


Shape Shifter 2 features simple graphics with cute designs, there are 3 animals that you can use, multiple levels for you to traverse and easy controls for more fun.


Great game and really fun, I enjoyed this one a lot. This is a nice time passer for everyone to try.

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