Inserting Data Into MySQL Database Relational Tables Using PHP


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Using MySQL insert and select statements, we’re going to be inserting all the data which we scraped from and inserting it inside the relational database which has many to many relational tables. Inserting data into movies, stars, directors and genres is easy, what’s tricky is inserting the data into many to many relational tables and making sure the movies_id corresponds to the right star, director and genre.

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  1. Arunas Milasius 12 July, 2020 at 05:02 Reply

    @CleaverTechie, thanks for the training guides and scripts. this is really great tools and scripts to learn from applications. i do have 1 question if you have minutes as i can't get your scrape script to work as it throughs me Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in /Users/*******/LocalHost/scrape_imdb.php on line 153" u i was able to work through your initial scraping tutorial, but you are using a different script in this video and i just can't get it to scrap. any help would be very much appreciated. A.

  2. mac lanphere 12 July, 2020 at 05:02 Reply

    for the "many to many" tables you created, wouldn't it save storage space to create these as views, rather than new tables?

  3. زنبق الشام 12 July, 2020 at 05:02 Reply

    Awesome video.

    I heard you saying * means fetching all records, (at the beginning of your tutorial).

    Actually * asterisk means fetching all columns in the table.

    'Where' clause affects, whether or not you are fetching all rows.

    Just thought I needed to clarify this for the viewers benefit.

  4. MTA MOHAMMED 12 July, 2020 at 05:02 Reply

    Please post a video for Multi user database beck-end with MySQl Workbench and front-
    end with MS Access

  5. Lanka Rathnayaka 12 July, 2020 at 05:02 Reply

    First of all thank You Very much for this awesome tutorial set on your playlist.I tried This tutorial and When I run I get an error on the scrape_imdb.php file.Which I copied from your web scraping tutorial

    Notice: Undefined variable: data in C:xampphtdocsphpdata insertscrape_imdb.php on line 153

    Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in C:xampphtdocsphpdata insertscrape_imdb.php on line 153

    Notice: Undefined variable: data in C:xampphtdocsphpdata insertscrape_imdb.php on line 153

    Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in C:xampphtdocsphpdata insertscrape_imdb.php on line 153

    here is the image of the error code line

    Any help

  6. jamietjeh 12 July, 2020 at 05:02 Reply

    i guess IMDB thanks you aswell for all the people you just tought on how to plunder their database and strech their bandwith lol i know youve warned them but ofc people will try and capture everything at once lol

  7. vKey 12 July, 2020 at 05:02 Reply

    Love it you ROCK!
    I am new to PHP and have learned its fundamentals myself as i did not know about your channel before so now i have subscribed here and learning it feels like i am going to rip PHP like a pro, Thanks!

    Anyway how do you present these beautiful presentations before live coding previews?

  8. #TeamFlash 12 July, 2020 at 05:02 Reply

    My teacher is really shit. Having to source content on YouTube in order to know stuff. Between your previous videos and this I completely understand what I need to do. Thanks for bring born and learning your craft, the world needs more ppl like you

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