Evolution of Build Engine Games 1993-2018


Evolution/History of Build Engine Games from 1993 to 2018. Build is a first-person shooter engine created by Ken Silverman for 3D Realms. Like the Doom engine, the Build engine represents its world on a two-dimensional grid using closed 2D shapes called sectors, and uses simple flat objects called sprites to populate the world geometry with objects.

List of Build Engine Games:
Ken’s Labyrinth January 1, 1993
Witchaven September 30, 1995
William Shatner’s TekWar October 1995
Duke Nukem 3D January 29, 1996
Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance May 6, 1996
PowerSlave October 31, 1996
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition 1996 November 1996
Duke it out in D.C. March 17, 1997
Duke Nukem 3D: Plutonium Pak April 6, 1997
Redneck Rampage April 30, 1997
Redneck Deer Huntin’ 1997
Duke Nukem’s Penthouse Paradise May 1, 1997
Shadow Warrior May 13, 1997
Blood May 31, 1997
Cryptic Passage for Blood June 30, 1997
Duke: Nuclear Winter December 30, 1997
Redneck Rampage Rides Again May 31, 1998
Twin Dragon Jul 03, 1998
NAM (video game) July 31, 1998
Extreme Paintbrawl October 31, 1998
World War II GI August 1, 1999
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour September 1, 1999
Shaw’s Nightmare Dec 31, 2013
Electric Highways Sep 04, 2015
Ion Maiden (Feb 28, 2018)


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  1. P Mak 12 July, 2020 at 17:44 Reply

    Electric Highways – epos of shit!!! И да, раз на то пошло игр на Build гораздо больше – есть ещё как минимум 3 португальские игры, периодом с 1999 по 2003 – гугл в помощь.

  2. Jesus Staccato 12 July, 2020 at 17:44 Reply

    Damn, I'm glad I saw this because I'd never heard of Twin Dragons. It's not listed on the Wikipedia list of Build Engine games, in spite of the list already including unfinished and unreleased games. Very weird. Gotta try it for myself some time.

  3. TKFRvision 12 July, 2020 at 17:44 Reply

    Damn, why did you count the addons for Duke3D? There are to many! Also Duke3D: Atomic ist same as Plutonium Pak! Zero Hour wasnt on Build!

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