DORA THE EXPLORER Dora Saves the Snow Princess – Full Game [Wii HD] (Nick Jr. Games)


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Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess Full Game recorded in 1080p HD 60FPS with no commentary. This video shows a 100% gameplay through entire story of the Dora Saves the Snow Princess. It is Wii version of the game with improved graphics using the Dolphin Emulator. Also, this game was released on PlayStation 2 (PS2) and Nintendo DS (NDS).

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In Dora Saves the Snow Princess, Dora and Boots read a book where a mean Witch traps the Snow Princess in a tower and plans to make the Snowy Forest melt. The Snow Fairy pops right out of the book to enlist Dora’s help to save the Snow Princess. Dora, Boots, and the Snow Fairy progress through the snow and ice of the Snowy Forest facing new challenges along the way. Adhering to the television show’s format, Dora summarizes the conflicts and resolutions of the story segments; Map and Backpack are here to help.

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