Bravada Fixed Position Hang-On Tree Stand | Big Game Treestands


During the hunt, it’s important to work with the elements, and our new Bravada Fixed Position Hang-on tree stand lets you do just that. Fortified of our new light but strong Alumi-Lite aluminum, this stand is unlike the rest; lightweight, adjustable, and easily transportable. This hang-on tree stand comes equipped with a silent cam-buckle straps to eliminate any unnecessary noise, adjustable padded backpack straps and accessory bag for easy transport, and a weight rating of 350lbs. But the main selling point of the Bravada is its fully adjustable seat and platform for use on any tree, straight or crooked-there are no limits! Adjust the angles to your desire and enjoy the hunt in the full comfort of the Bravada Fixed Position.


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  1. Варвара Кондратюк 2 July, 2020 at 08:23 Reply

    very sturdy and comfortable.>>> Easy to carry. I bought stabilizer straps and they just made it that much safer. Price was good.

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