Blur Gameplay – PS3 test


This is just a test run using my hauppage HD PVR on the ps3, if you have’nt watched my SHOX gameplay vid, i mentioned some “problems” or slight iffy differences.

You might notice a slightly blurry edges sort of like a crappy 3d effect (i think) for some reason it only does this on the ps3 version, it’s either because of the component cables for it aren’t the best for the ps3, or i have configured the settings wrong.

Anywho, here’s me playing career on loose cannon in tokyo wangen-sen an overused track in career, sorry for the ocassional blunder or two, i’m not use to the slight differences of the standerd controller, and i was trying hard to get a have fan score, and doing every fan demand possible.

Help on the component cable problem would be appreciated thanks.


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