Arcade Raw Thrills X Games Snow Boarder Game Completed!


Arcade Game Raw Thrills X Games SnowBoarder NEw Gaming release has “wowed” us again with another one of their X Games Arcade Game’s brand new for 2018 Gaming year! This time it is the Raw Thrills X Games SnowBoarder Arcade Game that has you flying downhill on a physical snowboard that you move back and forth as you stand on it.

That’s right, similar to the Raw Thrills Super Alpine Racer Arcade Game, you maneuver a snow board that you stand on that is located at the bottom of the Gaming Booth.

The Game colors are improved from their other Game the Raw Thrills Winter X Games SnoCross and M&M said she liked it better than that SnowMobiling Arcade Game we’ve played many times before in versus mode:

Winter X Games SnoCross

There are 3 total courses and we raced all of them:
ICELAND (Medium)
Hawaii (Hard)

There are 3 Racer Characters To Snow Board With:
DJ (guy)
Winnie (girl)
Lars (guy)

We used 2 of the Snowboarders and raced them on all 3 of the Courses with Winnie being used 2x.

Each of the 3 Snowboarders has different levels of expertise: Speed, Flex and Edge are all rated for each of the 3 Snowboarders.

Raw Thrills X Games SnowBoarder Arcade Game / X Games Snow Boarder Arcade Video Game

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