Arcade Game: Popeye (1982 Nintendo)


A platform/run and jump game featuring characters from the famous King Features Syndicate cartoon show of the same name. The aim of the game is to rescue Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oyl. This is achieved by catching a set number of objects thrown down by Olive from the top of the screen; such as hearts, letters and musical notes. Popeye is constantly pursued in his quest by love rival, Bluto (a.k.a. Brutus). Popeye must either run away from Bluto or grab some spinach and punch him off the screen (he will, of course, return).
Should any of Olive Oyl’s items fail to be caught, they will fall into the water at the bottom of the screen. Popeye will then have only a few seconds to retrieve the object or a life is lost. Several other Popeye characters also make an appearance in the game; namely Wimpy, Sweet-pea, the Sea Hag and her Vulture, whose name is Bernard. The game’s three levels are the dock scene, the street scene and the shipboard scene. These repeat with increasing difficulty.

Note: This time No cheat used. Only save states were used throughout the game.

After the game was beaten, it endlessly repeats level 1 over and over. Level 10 becomes Level A and Level 11 becomes Level B and so on. The game is endless.


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  1. KIEFER NEALY 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    I used to play this on a classic video game app that I downloaded on Google Play Store, I wish I never deleted the app, I wanna play it again…

  2. lester chua 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    If spinach does give you super powers then India would have whooped the rest of the world's arses.

  3. Cree Bennet 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    This was where I first heard of Popeye… yeah, I never saw the cartoons. When I saw a Popeye cartoon on Cartoon Network in the 90s, I was like, "WHAT?"

  4. Derek Gabrys 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    The second NES game I ever got…simple but underrated game…very fun. Should have been included on NES Classic.

  5. Kleber William 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    Mano joguei muito esse jogo nas maquinas q tinha nos bares em sp santa madalena eu tinha 11 12 anos e nunca mais vi hoje tenho 45 kkkkk e vi esse jogo e voltei meus 12 anos cara q saudades erao jogos sem violencia q da hora

  6. Cinnamon Cat 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    I was SO FUCKING SCARED OF THIS BEARDED MAN HOLY SHIT i'm actually still afraid of his game and that Bluto'd catch me T_T

  7. Douglas Sheridan 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    Have you been watching Bunnicula recently? About the scene where Bunnicula eats spinach and start beating up that purple monster, well it really is a Reference to Ol Popeye here. You should see that scene of Bunnicula the Vampire Rabbit. What do you say?

  8. Erik S.uperPatriot 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    I was looking at a retro Nintendo from game intensity that has 500+ games on it for only $49.99 . You can get it with either AV or HDMI wire hook ups. I was hoping this game, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out & all the Mario games among others are on it. I emailed them for the list. Still waiting for their reply.

  9. Erik S.uperPatriot 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    I loved this game. My brother actually discovered glitch on one of the screens. It made Bluto continually fly across the screen on one of the levels. Been so long I can’t remember which screen & how he did it.

  10. Scraftycraft vlog 12 July, 2020 at 14:33 Reply

    Man i forgot how gard it was doing my childhood but i get use to it just how tuff and fun it looked especially the music when Brutus trues to attack

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