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Car Tuning bug, Carshows

Car Tuning Bug Glitch

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So yes, all the times i've been tuning my car. the camera that rotates around the car. goes through the walls. wich is kind of annoying, because i can't see anything. could you do it so that the camera doesn't go through walls, and stays inside the tuning shop or wuhtevar you call it. :3

And also. the tuning menu bugs sometimes. and when i press buy/exit. my tuning menu wont leave the screen it just stays in there till i do /reconnect. :S

So i hope you can fix something of these. and also. BRING NEW TUNING OPTIONS. :D
every carshow has the same goddamn overused cars. :P



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Just live with it. It aint that annoying.

Walk around the house like a fucking champion.


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One: Be original and do buy some overused carshow cars. You know before i went to a Carshow with a god dam Taxi? and I won 2nd place just for comming with it.

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