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SAES / Bastage on GTA5!

SAES / Bastage are playing on GTA5 and have open community groups for you to join!

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Minecraft Server

We now have a Minecraft Faction server up and running! connect using the following address: minecraft.bastage.net

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Eve Online

Get yourselves on Eve Online now and join the Bastage Corporation! visit the forum for a 21 day trial

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TTT Server

We now have a Trouble in Terrorist Town server setup! so get joining and find the traitors!

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Garry's Mod

We have a GMOD server setup that has Spacebuild 3, LS2, Wire, Stargates and much more!

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Team Fortress 2

Why not visit our TF2 server, its a vanilla server, so post on the forums any recommendations!

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Massive thanks!

Massive thanks for keeping us alive.
Top heroes: tim260 - £524.00, LeeBlokker - £320.00, Cummins - £285.00, Jasem - £230.00

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Latest News

Bastage Network's Minecraft server reaches Beta!

Apr 12 2015 02:46 PM

Like the title says, we've reached a stage in the server where we can publish the IP and let you start joining in.Now before I give you the IP and let you come in there's a few things I'd like to note.1. It's the beta phase. We're using it to stress test and check for any bugs and the sort, and we're taking daily back-ups. There's in-game warnin...

Bastage GMod Madness Episode 4: Delin the Traitor

Jan 17 2015 09:47 PM

Lots of people been asking, so back to GMOD! When:Saturday 14th March 7PM GMT Where:Our Gmod server!: Password:HansPeter21 What Modes:TTT (Other modes if people want it) Will Delin be a dirty terriorist traitor: Yes!  REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD THE MAPS BEFORE HAND http://steamcommunit...s/?id=363619636

Bastage TF2 Madness Episode 1:Hobopie is a Spy!

Jan 11 2015 07:59 PM

Thought we'd mix things up and do a different game for a change, lot of people been asking for this as well When:Saturday January 17th 7pm GMT!Where:Our TF2 server!: Modes:CTFWill Hobopie stab you in the back?: Yes!

Bastage GMod Madness Episode 3: Attack of the Tombaa

Jan 06 2015 06:14 PM

Grab your cocks and walk with your socks, it's GMOD time!When:Saturday January 10th 7pm GMT!Where:Our Gmod server!: Password:HansPeter21What Modes:TTT, Prophunt, Murder, Hide and Seek!Will Tombaa dance around in ladies underwear: Yes!REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD THE MAPS BEFORE HAND http://steamcommunit...s/?id=363619636

The New Year Giveaway: Results!

Dec 31 2014 07:14 PM

Good evening everyone,  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate around this time of year. Any who! Im glad to announce the winners of the new year giveaway.  Just to remind you, the prizes that were on offer were: Killing floorCS:GOSkyrim: Legendary Edition All the names given below were all...