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Latest News

SAi - Public Recruitment - 27 April

Yesterday, 04:57 PM

  SAi Recruitment Information Topic   Where: SAi Headquarters. Time: 18:00 Servertime Date: Sunday, 27 April Requirements   In order to participate you are NOT allowed to be in an official gang. We done this because we want only participants who are familiar with the recent police life.    We also w...

Guitar Battle!

Apr 15 2014 11:14 PM

    \m/THE BROTHERS OF METAL PRESENT TO YOU\m/         HERE'S HOW:   Each contestant must record a video of himself playing an improvised solo over the following backing tracks. We have two backing tracks for you to choose from.    The first backing track Spoiler   The sec...

Desert Eagles April Recruitment

Apr 05 2014 02:20 PM

  Desert Eagles April Recruitment   It's war. A civil war terrorises San Andreas for the past few days. In order to improve our strength against the Cuban forces and the Government, we will be looking for amplification of the Military assigned as one and only by the US Government. Therefore, we hope many of you support us in the c...

MTA Update

Mar 18 2014 02:08 PM

  Due to an update we have applied to the server, it will be required for you to update your game.   Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have been pushed to ingame clients yet, so you will need to get your update from the MTA website itself.   Go to http://mtasa.com and click the DOWNLOAD button or download from here: http://...

gta sa (and all r* games) on sale this weekend for steam

Mar 13 2014 06:09 PM

  All R* games are on sale this weekend This means that GTA:SA is on sale, once again. GTA:SA costs just £3.29   Buy GTA:SA on Steam in order to: Support R* Never "lose" your game Easily recover damaged files such as gta3.img Not be a pirating dick   Steam SA needs downgrading for MTA: Wiki help Walkthrough     GE...