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Massive thanks for keeping us alive.
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Latest News

GetAGrip - HQ Promotion

Oct 20 2014 01:12 PM

Hello All!   Please welcome GetAGrip to the SAES HQ fold!   With immediate effect he will be working along side the rest of the active HQ to get the current server more content and help out with the development of 2.0.   Just so you know, he will also be dealing with any HQ related issues, such as complaints, decision making...

Vote for your chosen candidates! VOTING NOW CLOSED

Oct 04 2014 10:22 PM

  Dear Citizens of San Andreas,   The time has come! You can vote for one candidate in any of the Senate Seats.   There are 12 seats, with a candidate from 4 political parties and 2 independent candidates - All in all we have 39 candidates on this election! The Senate will be under control of the party who wins the most s...

Governmental Elections 2014

Sep 27 2014 09:09 PM

      Dear Citizens of San Andreas, We are glad to announce, that the next election will take place on the 05 October 2014!   There are all in all 12 Senate-Seats available in San Andreas! They are as follows: Los Santos City Los Santos County Red County Flint County Whetstone County San Fierro City San Fierro...

SAi recruitment - 27 September 17:00 Server Time

Sep 21 2014 05:43 PM

  SAi Recruitment Information TopicWhere: SAi HeadquartersTime: 17:00 ServertimeDate: Saturday, 27th of SeptemberRequirements:   Members of official gangs aren't allowed to take part Come spawned as police officer/trainee Basic common sense Follow the rules of your team leader at all times The Recruitment : #### At 16:45 serv...

Project SAES Worldwide V.2

Sep 09 2014 01:59 PM

Hello community members, After preparing and discussion with SANA HQs, we've decided to make a little project to promote for our server and to show SANA's reporting, and photography in real life. The idea has been introduced long time ago by Lance here. SANA has decided to improve it a bit and make a competition out of it. Here are some point...